Couple words about my garage organization

We all know the garage is the most important part of the house. It’s the home for all father’s toys. Very often it’s also a home for all the kids toys as well as washer and dryer =). I’ve spent some time planning my garage and in this post I will share results with you.

I’ve been looking through various garage organization solutions and I liked Gladiator Garage the most. I think I like almost everything about them: their design, modularity, variety of options.

As my main work surface I use their 8ft bench. I was choosing between 6ft and 8ft, but stopped on the latter as I liked the idea of parking the toolbox under it. As you can see I also have a toolbox, that can roll out and be used as a work surface extension or just moved closer to motorcycles when I do something with them.

I’ve got a monoprice table monitor mount. It clamps on the edge of the table and if needed, I can turn it so that it hangs over the floor when i need entire workbench surface. You can see speakers and 3d printer there too.

The wall in front of the workbench is covered with GearWall panels with some shelves and cabinets. I have also designed and printed custom spool hooks that can hang on the GearWall or GearTrack. you can download design here – Gladiator Garage Filament Spool Hook

Garage - Corner View

Garage – Corner View

Washer, dryer and water heater are parked in the corner. Have couple additional cabinets hanging over them.

Half of the right wall is covered with GearWall panels (8ft long). I use them as a convenient vertical storage system for bikes, ladder, and other small staff.

Next to them I have 3 Gladiator JumboBox cabinets.

The left wall is left completely empty.

As a result of such design, i can park one car and both motorcycles in the garage and I also have some space left so I should probably get one more motorcycle =)

P.S. One day I should defiantly do something with my floor. Epoxy coat or plastic tiles – don’t know yet.